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We process & pack it all


Interpak logoGEA welcomes you at Interpack

8 to 14 May 2014

Dusseldorf, Germany



You can find GEA:  

Hall 7a


 Booth view Interpak 


Make the most of your downtime. After a hard day of trawling the aisles, avoid the end-of-day rush for taxis and join us for a drink and a bite to eat during our extended happy hours on our booth (17:30–19:00 PM) on Thursday, Monday and Tuesday.


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 GEA Engineering for a better world










GEA Food Solutions


Sliced, Packed and Sealed


In addition to a fully configured high-speed slicing/packaging line there are two more GEA Thermoformers and one more Slicer from GEA Food Solutions, a dedicated GEA Tiromat medical packaging Thermoformer, a Traysealer and three GEA SmartPackers vertical bagging machines as well as two GEA Aquarius lollipop production machines.  

All are developed to have a measurable impact on yield, productivity, uptime, quality, flexibility and cost effectiveness, and are the result of more than 60 years’ experience in the industry.





Niro Atomizer-setup


GEA Process Engineering


Leading expertise in powder production and processing technology

GEA Process Engineering, the company behind the market leading GEA Niro drying technologies, will be attending the Interpack 2014 to promote our expertise in powder production and processing technology and discuss how working with GEA help customers meet the strictest requirements for product quality, plant efficiency and safety, and sustainable production. 


Our expertise includes spray drying, flash drying, freeze drying and fluid bed technology for the production of a wide range of powders – ranging from bulk products to the most advanced powders within food and dairy products, chemical products, and pharmaceutical products. 




GEA Aseptomag IBC




GEA Aseptomag IBC filling module for the aseptic IBC filling


The compact module covers the GEA Aseptomag filling valve which separates the production plant from the IBC, as well as all process-required components. The “dead space” between IBC  

and production plant is hygienically perfectly rinsable and sterilizable. This means a total, supervisible security of the filling process for the user. All parameters such as sterilization time, filling & rinsing time, CIP / SIP data, and all product specific data are freely programmable on the touch screen.

The integrated control Siemens S7 can be  

adapted to all process specifications respectively to customer‘s requests. In the basic configuration the programs production, SIP/CIP plant and  

rinses are firmly deposited. In the corresponding submenus can be configured freely with the process parameters.

The monitoring of the filling capacity is carried out by a scale integrated in the manual lift truck. The measured data are continuously transmitted to the PLC using WiFi and the evaluation process allows the exact filling of a particular bin.




GEA Process Engineering UK 


Leading Personal Care technology and know-how 


Effective mixing is at the heart of every Home and Personal Care processing plant.  Some applications need a batch approach, some need continuous mixing: all need GEA expertise. GEA Process Engineering Ltd. (UK) is the global GEA Technology Centre for Home and Personal Care applications for the whole of the GEA Group.  It’s where the GEA technology and systems integration experience come together for maximum efficiency, profit and quality for the home and personal care industries worldwide. For competent advice talk with GEA’s liquid processing experts at Interpack 2014. 







 Contained set-up_web


GEA Pharma Systems


Breakthrough Innovations at Interpack


GEA Pharma Systems has built a solid reputation for blending inspiration with technology, and it’s that mixture of know-how, experience and equipment that will be on display at Interpack 2014.


A showcase exhibit for GEA Pharma Systems will be the ConsiGma™-1. Continuous processing has become a hot topic in the pharmaceutical industry and GEA Pharma Systems has been on the forefront of this movement with its ConsiGma™ system. 


ConsiGma™ is a complete, plug flow pharmaceutical processing line, from dispensing to tableting that integrates GEA technologies into one fully operational plant. In addition, visitors will also be able to get up close and personal with the revolutionary ConsiGma™ coater, Buck® valves, Hicoflex™ products, an integrated through-the-wall R&D contained granulation line and a variety of tablet presses, including the Courtoy™ pilot-scale MODUL™ P and the PERFORMA™ P. A wash-offline (WOL) exchangeable compression module (ECM) will also be on display. 


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Ultra High Temperature Plant for Aseptic Product Treatment

The decisive factors in the selection of the appropriate UHT process (Ultra High Temperature) for thermal product treatment are product quality, production safety and efficiency. 


As a manufacturer of UHT plant for dairy and other liquid products, GEA TDS looks back over a long experience. The capacity of UHT plant range from 50 – 40.000 l/h for the treatment of low- and medium-viscosity products.  

The UHT plant also allow for thermal and aseptic treatment of products with portions of fibres and particles.


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GEA Procomac 


With over 170 filling  lines for sensitive beverages installed worldwide, offers state of the art bottle sterilization based on wet PAA technology: ECOSpin for high speed; Modulbloc for low/medium speed lines; and the latest preform sterilization with ABF (Aseptic Blow Fill) technology - the world’s first rotary aseptic blow moulding machine with an integrated aseptic filler and capper. 


With the ability to sterilize both bottles and preforms, GEA Procomac has developed a brand new range of filling machines for PET and HDPE bottles for fresh, ESL and UHT  liquid dairy products. The new range of machines features an innovative, flexible neck-handling system, which is able to eliminate downtime caused by format changeovers. Moreover the system is equipped with high speed applicator for screw caps and even aluminum foil closures.





GEA Liquid Processing 


Rethinking Mixing Technology 


Mixing is the most demanding unit operation in today’s process industries – and a high-quality end product is depending on an efficient and successful mixing. Our core business is mixing solutions for liquid/liquid or liquid/powder. Choosing the right mixing technology is crucial - as the mixing process not only has an impact on the processing - but also on the batch cycle times and the total cost of ownership. 


The MIXING FORMULATM programme is re-thinking the traditional way of mixing by introducing a High Shear Mixer to allow the maximum utilization of the added energy. The result is very short mixing times with a high degree of process flexibility and even more importantly - a homogeneous final product without ‘fish eyes’ or lumps of powder. 






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