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Three basic machines are offered by GEA Tiromat which meet the most stringent demands on production, safety and cycle efficiency. The GEA Tiromat PowerPak NT, GEA Tiromat PowerPak RT and GEA Tiromat Compact all utilize a modular design and an open control architecture based on GEA Controls. These features allow the greatest possible adaptability to individual requirements and to specific customer needs. Thus, as your business changes each of our thermoformers is capable of being modified in length and functionality, making it a secure investment, which grows with your own requirements. 

All models share these features:

• Complete modular design
• Corrosion resistant special steel frame structure
• Various heating and forming systems
• Medical bladder press for reliable sealing
• Various cutting systems for particle-reduced cutting
• Simple operation and rapid retooling
• Numerous peripherals available, such as printers, etc.
• Qualification documentation
• Worldwide service

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